The senior men's team currently plays in the Southern National League. We have a range of experienced and relatively new players from a number of different nations, including France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Turkey and of course Great Britain.

With the success of the Senior Men Team last season and a wide range of players available, the club created the Second Men Team providing the structure to welcome all levels.


MEN 1 (Experienced)

Tuesdays 20:00/22:00 - Longhill Sports Centre

MEN 2 (Mix beginners and experienced)

Tuesdays 20:00/22:00 - Longhill Sports Centre

Thursdays 18:00/20:00 - Longhill Sports Centre

Alternative Thursdays: 12th/ 26th Sep, 10th/ 24th Oct, 7th/21st Nov, 5th/19th Dec, 16th/ 30th Jan, 17th/27th Feb.